Réseaux de pub verticaux : une autre étude américaine

Cette fois-ci c’est un analyste de Lehman Brothers qui s’y colle…

Quelques extraits du papier qui en parle :

As online ad budgets rise and more brand-oriented campaigns migrate to the web, the need for higher-value, premium ad inventory, particularly for traditional brands which have greater sensitivity about the placement and context in which their ads appear, is likely to grow. So far, Anmuth points out, in terms of billings, verticals started to grow again last year, climbing to a 39 percent share from 37 percent in 2007; but still below the 47 percent share the category had in 2004

Much of the suspicion around ad networks tends to stem from confusion between “run of site networks” that sell remnant (« unsold ») ad inventory, which is mostly concerned with the greatest reach at the best price, and vertical nets, which are more narrowly focused around sites with similar content subjects and quality

Portals’ challenge: Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO), MSN, and AOL (NYSE: TWX) have succeeded in cornering the market on mass reach. But they plan on expanding their offerings with behavioral targeting. Being able to offer more precision to marketers will enhance their value, advertisers are still likely to be concerned about the setting and placement of where ads appear.

Auteur - Julien Jacob

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