Allez, ce n’est pas très nouveau, mais toujours bon à lire

Je l’avais loupé, et c’est Padawan qui me le signale, ce post d’une agence de stratégie.

Je me contente d’en copier coller les bons morceaux.

News organisations cannot continue to ignore the global shift from institutionally controlled media to user controlled media. They have to redefine their processes and face the obvious question: Do we still need old media for news?
Wikipedia proves that it works. The only question is: Which newspaper will allow their readers to participate in the writing an editorial process first. Participating means: You let them influence the article from the beginning to the end – and beyond. Future newspapers will allow their readers to influence the article before and after it is published. The only way to do this is by turning the newspaper web sites into transparent public editorial tools.
Newspaper readers need to be organized just like a state. On top you have the editor in chief. On the bottom you have the passive reader. In the middle you have journalists and active contributing readers. In order to control trolls and spammers, readers choose and elect representatives among themselves. Some readers have more rights (and duties) than others, due to their qualifications as readers. Slashdot works just like that; and it works very well. Most forums don’t work because there is no organization among the readers.
Let your reader write articles. Who knows more about car engines than a mechanic? The engineer? Who knows more about hairdressing than hair dressers? The fashion journalist? Who knows more about art than artists? The art critic? Give real people the opportunity to write about what they know best. Their profession, their passion, their dearest concerns. This is interesting, and if a professional editor works it over it will be a fantastic read. Reward their most talented readers by printing their articles.

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