Pour qu’on ne me taxe pas d’optimiste débordant sur la pub en ligne

Une confirmation supplémentaire de la tendance sur la pub en ligne que j’aborde souvent dans ce blog.

Voici quelques morceaux choisis de l’article en question .

Prices for some online advertising are going up, and some retailers and brand marketers say the big question mark hanging over 2007 is whether publishers will be so emboldened by a strong advertising market that they will raise the prices of ads sharply.

Joanne Bradford, MSN’s corporate vice president and chief media officer, would not specify the extent to which her site will raise prices next year, but she said that during the last two years there’s been unbelievable price pressure.

Rates are going up, but effectiveness is going up too, he said, suggesting consumers were now more likely to make a purchase or request additional information than in previous years.

Online advertising revenues are expected to grow by 31 percent to $16.4 billion this year, according to a report by eMarketer, an Internet consultancy. But rates are expected to grow at a far lower rate, said Greg Smith, chief operating officer of Neo@Ogilvy, North America,

Mr. Vadon said the same irrational spending that fueled the rise in online advertising during the dot-com boom was at work now. In 1999 it was a rush of venture money that did it. Today you’ve got a rush of corporate money,

Matt Coffin, chief executive of, a financial services company owned by Experian. Mr. Coffin said that on publisher pages that attract a general readership, as opposed to readers of a specific demographic, rates have actually dropped.

Online advertising still accounts for only a small fraction of overall advertising revenue partly because the big brand advertisers, like consumer goods companies, have not yet shifted a significant amount of spending to Web outlets.

Every year people say ‘Oooh, brand advertising is going to take over the Web and prices will go through the roof,’ but that just hasn’t happened, Mr. Coffin said. They will get there, but nothing ever happens as fast as you’d like.

Et vous, qu’en pensez-vous pour le marché français ? Quelles seraient les causes qui pourraient expliquer une situation différente ici ?

Auteur - Julien Jacob

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