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Source : la courbe du hype et les sites web 2.0 sont ceux qui ont la croissance de trafic la plus importante d’après Nielsen.

Quelques passages glanés :

  • That put Web 2.0 ahead of categories including news and information, ISPs, video and movies, and family resources.
  • Social networking sites with the highest traffic growth included Feedburner (385%), (286%), MySpace (170%), Wikipedia (161%), and Facebook (134%).
  • engagement with Web 2.0 sites had grown over the last year, with retention rate increases of 10% at MySpace, 46% at Wikipedia and 20% at Facebook. Web 2.0 users also tend to be more active than typical Web users in online search
  • Despite the hype, the panelists were quick to note that not all social networking sites have enjoyed explosive growth.
  • By contrast, up-and-coming Web 2.0 sites that de Souza identified include yelp, which has user restaurant reviews; dogster, for dog lovers; online gaming community Xfire; Eons, aimed at baby boomers 50 and over
  • sites shouldn’t start social communities just for the sake of having them. de Souza pointed to yelp as a community site created for a straightforward purpose–providing consumer-based restaurant reviews that can be updated over time
  • The panelists also agreed that advertising will be the predominant business model for Web 2.0 sites

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